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Sonar Leak Detection

If you have a leak you need professional assistance locating, please contact Lotus Plumbing LLC for our sonar leak detection services. Our leak detection systems are so accurate we can find pinhole leaks with as little pressure as low as 1 PSI. Please contact our team today if you need professional leak detection at a locally affordable price.

You can reach us at (703) 753-9168.

Experienced in Sonar Leak Detection

There are many benefits of hiring Lotus Plumbing LLC for your leak detection needs. Our leak detection systems are accurate and fast acting. We are the team to call if you know you have a leak but don’t know where it is.

A slow leak in your pipes can cause a lot of damage over a long period of time without being noticed. Once you notice your leak—if you think it’s behind your walls or underground- please call us so we can help you locate it.

Locating your leak with pinpoint accuracy is an important aspect of fixing your leak because it will allow you to access the pipe without damaging whatever’s covering it as much.

Using Only the Best Sonar Leak Detection Equipment

Our leak detection equipment is the key to our success as leak detection experts. We use only the best leak detection equipment and more than one detector for each job to double-check accuracy. We ensure that our detection equipment is in good and workable condition before we come to you.

If ever there are innovations in the industry, we will look at them to see if they can improve our already stellar leak detection service. We pride ourselves in providing clients with accurate results that put an end to their leaks. If you need that service, please be our guest and reach out.

Leak Detection for Your Equipment

If you have equipment that connects to any type of liquid or gas hose, having a leak could instantly halt whatever you use your equipment for, or it can drastically reduce its efficacy.

If you suspect you might need the service of a professional leak detector, please enlist our services—we’ll be glad to help you out. There is no piece of equipment we can’t help you detect leaks with, as our detection equipment is very sensitive and accurate.

Underground Leak Detection Expertise

Underground leaks can be a huge problem that can go unseen for a long time.

If you notice the following things, you might have an underground leak:

  • Drop in pressure from plumbing
  • Hissing/splashing noises
  • Dirty or rusty water
  • An increase of mold
  • Increase of water-loving insects
  • Sewage smell or moldy odors
  • Increase in water bills

You might notice a few things outside as well, including:

  • Wet spots on the lawn
  • Potholes or sinkholes
  • Sewage smell
  • Grass is disproportionately green over piping
  • Flooded water around the sprinkler head

When we bring our leak detection equipment to you, you won’t have to wonder for much longer about the source of your problem. We will put an end to the mystery.

Contact the Experts
for Sonar Leak Detection

If you suspect you have a small leak in your pipes or in some of your equipment, we want to help you out. Contact Lotus Plumbing LLC for our expertise in sonar and ultrasonic leak detection.

You can reach us at (703) 753-9168 for a quote.

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